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    I have been doing business with SVP Neon Equipment since about 1990 when they were Precision Neon Laboratories. From the beginning their products, technical support and customer service after the sale have been outstanding. It is as good today as it always has been. I have dealt with other manufacturers over the years and none come close to the help and support SVP offers. I am not much of a technical person and Mark always takes the time to explain things to me in a way that I can understand even if it is about something unrelated to SVP products. The time he takes to do this has allowed me to spend more time making neon. If I have a problem that I can't resolve immediately or a question about something I know he is just a phone call away. Mark is responsible for a lot of what I know about neon. SVP Neon Equipment is a real asset to the neon industry. I highly recommend them.

    Toby Norris
    Norris Neon, Inc.
    Jacksonville, FL


    When it came time to upgrade my neon processing system I was lucky enough to come across Silica Vacuum Products. Mark Snyder and his crew, from start to the present, have been outstanding. Their product, promises and service stand tall and true with my experiences. I needed more than just to call a distributor asking what they had available. I needed to find someone that was willing to have the equipment needed as well as to teach me the how and why of using the equipment. To be honest the teaching of the how and why came much earlier than the actual purchase of the equipment, which no other distributor was willing to do without an attitude. I happened to stumble across the path of SVP and havenít looked back since. Everything they have said and done has been right on the mark. Due to their willingness to teach, due to the quality of their hand made glass product, due to the quality of their measuring product and due to their character as people and as a business, a person would have to search very hard to find bad things to say about SVP Neon Equipment. I highly recommend SVP Neon Equipment.

    Travis Eastin
    American Dowell Signcrafters


    Mr. Snyder,
    I rarely, if ever write back to a manufacturer about a product, either positive or negative. This time however, I feel the products deserve recognition, because they do what they are advertised to do. The attention to details is obvious in all of your products I've used. Also, I'm grateful for the help you provided over the phone during the initial manifold start up, supplying additional parts quickly. 2 years after the original delivery, you again helped as an interface with an electronics manufacturer about a meter that failed due to an electrical surge. For once in my life, if I had it to do over again I'd choose your company's manifold, vacuum pump and products.

    Mike Hall
    Schwartz Electric


    SVP Neon Equipment was a great help to me when I decided to put my own pumping system together. The manifold that I had acquired was an old PNL brand that was in bad shape. I sent it to SVP for cleaning and inspection and it was returned in "as new " condition in a timely manner. SVP also manufactured a custom Pyrex adapter that I needed to connect my manifold to my vacuum pump. They also helped me locate other various parts that I had no idea how to find, which my system would not have functioned without. SVP Neon Equipment is the only company in the U.S. that I am aware of who manufacturers their manifolds and diffusion pumps in-house. They are specifically designed for neon production, as well as the other equipment such as pumps and custom designed gauges that are essential to neon manufacturing. Not only does SVP make and sell neon equipment, but the owner, Mark Snyder, is also a glass bender with 28 years of experience in making and processing neon. And in an industry, which has traditionally been secretive, Mark is always willing to share his knowledge of working with glass tubing and it's processing. If you want to make quality neon tubing that lasts, then I recommend SVP Neon Equipment.

    James Seaton
    13 years glass bending experience
    New Orleans, LA


    SVP's service is second to none. Anytime I have something come up in my shop Mark is the first person I call. Mark has gone above and beyond, supporting an SVP manifold that I bought from another bender. SVP's turnaround time has been quite quick. Mark is a true asset to the neon community and to my business.

    Marc Harmon
    Great Lakes Neon and Sign
    5675 Castleway
    Oscoda, MI 48750
    phone: 989-739-5595
    fax: 989-739-9028

    New Jersey

    Mark Snyder's "Bombarding Procedure" has been an enormous help in my shop. Fifteen years of running a neon shop and I thought I was fairly knowledgeable. Mark has not only helped me learn some new concepts, but has been easily reachable by telephone to answer any questions that I have.

    I look forward to continuing to do business with SVP Neon Equipment.

    Rex B. Davis
    (609) 457-8022
    NeonRex Custom Neon
    1406 Shore Road
    Northfield, New Jersey 08225

    North Carolina:

    Mark Snyder has been supplying my company with complete manifolds, manifold parts and pumping equipment for eighteen years. All equipment has been of high quality. Turnaround time for repair and maintenance work has been extremely fast. I highly recommend SVP Neon Equipment.

    Cheryl Witt
    Carolina Wholesale Neon, Inc.

    North Carolina:

    When I set up my neon shop 12 years ago, I purchased a complete set-up from SVP (PNL at the time). Mark then came to my shop and set up my manifold and diffusion pump. Over the years SVP has provided excellent technical support, and exceptionally quick turn-arounds on manifold cleaning and repair work. SVP recognizes that manifold repairs are time sensitive. Mark is also an excellent glassbender, so not only does SVP sell the equipment, they use the equipment. Mark's knowledge is extensive and is backed by years of experience.

    SVP's work is consistently excellent.

    Deb Slatkin / Neonworks
    shop: 704.523.1969
    cell: 704.502.1971

    South Carolina:

    The SVP-12 Neon Manifold that I've purchased from SVP Neon Equipment is one of the best investments I've made. I've used other manifolds in the past and the simplicity and durability of the SVP-12 beats all others. Customer service and support is outstanding!! It's always a pleasure doing business with these guys!!

    Delfin Floresca
    Lowcountry Neon & Graphics
    8 yrs sign experience


    Thank you for the quick turnaround when we were in need of repairs for our SVP MANIFOLD. Your over night service allowed us to be on schedule with our deliveries. Your technical advice has also proved to be invaluable in a time of need. Other than the "accidental breakage" our SVP MANIFOLD continues to perform GREAT! Thanks again for your speedy service.

    Frank Garcia
    New Braunfels, Texas


    Thanks to SVP Neon Equipment and the expertise they have the neon industry benefits from a wealth of knowledge. From supplying the neon industry with equipment that is tested and based on proven knowledge, to offering advice in all facets of the industry. One preview of the postings on the popular neon benders BBS website and anyone in the industry can ascertain the value that SVP brings to all of us. Through the years in the neon industry Northern Lights Neon has tried many products and none have proven as effective in reaching our quality demands as SVP products. Our most recent purchase of an SVP temperature gauge is a prime example. With temperature levels corresponding with vacuum levels on the gauge face and an isolated temperature meter it is the best we have tried. Thanks Mark for giving our industry the benefit of your experience and knowledge, we all benefit as a result.

    Mark Bartman
    Northern Lights Neon, Inc.
    115 West Hill St.
    Monroe, WA 98272




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